Bronx Bombers to Fall Apart Through Playoffs?

Baseball Fans,

I know I am only a Blue Jays perspective, however throughout the years of watching the playoffs, {without the Blue Jays involved} I always wanted the Red Sox to beat the Yankees because the Yankees have always been a rival of the Blue Jays and espiecially with what A-Rod did to Howie Clark at third base 2 years ago, I have no respect for them. This year the Yankees have been better than ever, but how long will it last? You have to put into perspective that Chien Ming-Wang is out with season ending surgery and Sergio Mitre not as a quality starter as the other 4. To be honest, the Yankees are a dominating team this year but I still don’t this this will last through the playoffs. The Tampa Bay Rays or Philledolphia Phillies will beat them to it.



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