Time to Trade Overbay?

Lyle Overbay has been part of the Blue Jays success for quite some time now, however maybe a bit too long. For a first baseman, Lyle has not been hitting the way he should. He only has 12 home runs and get grounded out quite a bit now. Personally I think the Blue Jays need a everyday first baseman that can handle right handed pitchers as well as left handed pitchers. I think this offseason J.P. has quite a bit to do. I understand that the Blue Jays are under financial difficulties, but giving up Rios cleared money for the future of the Toronto Blue Jays. Its time!


Fist of Money.gif

One comment

  1. Jurrjens4NLCY

    I agree. The offseason has potential for greatness. Shedding big contracts is a good thing. Halladay at the deadline was good for the Jays either way. You either gets 2 – 3 A prospects or you keep the best pitcher in baseball. Even though I’m a Braves fan, I feel its ok to reach across league lines. I’m pullin’ for ya! Sick of Yankees and Red Sox. http://knoble.mlblogs.com

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