Huff to Tigers; Brett Jacobson to Orioles…Smoltz Released

Several sources such as “MLB Rumors” and “Yahoo Sports” say that Aubrey Huff was traded to the Detroit Tigers for Pitcher Brett Jacobson.2794881378_7f7c5950f6.jpg It also says Former Cy Young Award Winner John Smoltz was released by the Boston Red Sox. As a Blue Jay fan I am glad these trades happened because the Blue Jays are division Rivals with these two ball clubs. It has also caught my attention that Russ Ortiz of the New York Yankees was released. This topic sits upon the fact that Russ Ortiz did not want to sign the contract the Yankees put on the table. Great this is all good news for Blue Jay Fans.    


  1. raysfanboy

    No, I think you would WANT Ortiz in our division. He stinks. Big time. Having him around would give our hitters something to knock around the ballpark. Huff out of the division is good, though. I still can’t believe he had more extra base hits than anybody last year. Wow.

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