Will the Blue Jays Look the Same Next Year?

I was watching the Blue Jays play the Tampa Bay Rays late Sunday afternoon, and noticed the lack of aggressiveness and motivation in the team. Not to say the Jays don’t care to win, but they had the bases loaded with Lyle Overbay at bat and he blew it. From 0 outs to 3 outs in just a few pitches. If you read below this entry, I talk about why the Jays should trade Overbay and this is a perfect example explaining why.image-4-252753.jpeg Why you may ask? HE IS NOT A CLUTCH HITTER. ***Remember Marco Scutaro, Rod Barajas and a few other Blue Jays players are Free Agents at the end of this season*** When the Jays need a hitter to get that double, home run, or even single he certainly can’t do it. Just a few people I think should be on their way out of Toronto this offseason include:
     Lyle Overbay   *Replacement*  ——> Randy Ruiz
                                 John McDonald *Replacement*  ——-> None Bench (FA MAYBE)?
                                 Micheal Barret  *Replacement*  ——-> Raul Chavez took it lready.                                                            
Remember by trading or giving Alex Rios to the White Sox, this saves just about 59 million over 4 – 5 seasons, this means Riccardi (if he still is the G.M.) could go out shopping and trading to upgrade this Blue Jays team.

Blue Jays insider *- Steve

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