Travis Snider the new RF? Lind to stay in LF, 1B? Ruiz future DH?

There are many questions being thrown in the air of this Blue Jays squad, seeing that they will most likely not be contenders for the World Series. First and for most by allowing the Chicago White Sox to claim Alex Rios off waivers, this gives the Jays a bit of financial flexibility for the future since he was signed to a 7 year deal worth millions of dollars.After the Sox acquired Rios, the Jays immediately called up Randy Ruiz to face the Yankees.
Good news there as Ruiz hit two home runs in two games versing the Bronx Bombers. Ruiz was then set to be the new DH for a while since Lyle and Kevin already had the first base role.travis-snider.jpg This sent Adam Lind to LF and Inglett to the minors so they can call up Snider. Now that Ruiz has his spot as DH, many diffrent possibilites ca emerge.

Lind already made it clear that he could be the possible first baseman in the future seeing that Kevin Millar will not be retuning next year and J.P. Riccardi want to trade Lyle Overbay.

Right now the Blue Jays are seting themselves up for next year with tryouts already taking palce. With Snider out in Right it looks like he already has a spot as the new Right Feilder although nothing is final yet…


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  1. raysfanboy

    We are having quite a series with you guys in Toronto. I’m watching the game right now and wondering when the umpire is going to keel over after taking a Kazmir 95 mph fastball to the chest! I wish he went to the hospital! You guys are in a great situation to play spoiler. I’m just hoping it’ll be for the Red Sox and not us!

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