An Historic Night at Rogers Centre as Blue Jays Honor the 1992 & 1993 World Series Champions

Yesterday Night (Friday, August 7, 2009) was the first night of the honoring of 1992 – 1993 World Series Champions at Rogers Centre. Friday Night not only honored the staff and players of the World Series Champions in 92′ and 93′ but also reunited them with each other. To toss the first pitch was Manager Cito Gaston.
 Cito was reunited with former Blue Jays players such as:
Joe Carter
Roberto Alomar
John Olerud
Pat Hengten
Tom Henke
Pat Borders, and many more, the whole team in fact (except for some who rest in peace).

It was a night of memories for Blue Jay players as they remember the “Back to Back” World Series Titles.
The question is can they do it again?
With a loss to Baltimore
yesterday night, this year the Jays have no hope espiecially with all
their injuries, but how about next year. We just have to wait and see…

B.J. Ryan Released by Cubs. . . Agian?

When B.J. Ryan first came to Toronto from Baltimore back in 2006, it was a promising job he had here as a closer. Coming from Baltimore, he had a lot of experience on his hands and was really good at his job. . .that’s until 2007 season came. Ryan reportedly had Tommy John Surgery done in his elbow because of torn ligaments. On July 8th 2009, it was made official that B.J. Ryan did not have a job with the Blue Jays anymore. With the way things were going Riccardi felt he had to pull the trigger and release him, although I disagree. I feel that Riccardi could of traded him to a team that was in need for pitching staff (LA ANGELS, LA DODGERS, CUBS). At least if Riccardi had traded him, he would of got something in return like a draft pick or a player to be named later, but by simply releasing him Riccardi has to pay the debt on his contract with nothing in return. A few days later, the Chicago Cubs reportedly signed Ryan on a Minor Leauge Contract.
697107.jpgIn Chicaago things did not go so well. He started with the minors and had problems already. On Wednesday August 5, Ryan told the Cubs he wanted to be released because of hard time in pitching and he knew things wouldnt get better too easily.
I am sure Ryan is going to take this offseason to regroup agian and see what he can pull off next season.
If theres one thing I noticed, Ryan hasn’t been the same eversince Tommy John Surgery.


Should the Blue Jays start Re-building?

It has been quite some time now that we have seen the Toronto Blue Jays make the playoffs and contend for the World Series. In my perspective, every year the Blue Jays either start the year off very well and fall through the standings, or have a horrible first have and accelerate through the second. This year we fall under scenario #1. I n the first half of this 2009 season the Blue Jays were at the top of the standings for the better part of 3 and a half months. If I was J.P. Riccardi, I would start little by little trading some older veterans on this Jays squad for some draft picks and or younger players. In a way he is off to a good start by trading Scott Rolen to the Reds for some youngster pitching and Edwin Encarnacion. under-construction-sign.jpgThe Jays already have the foundation for a young pitching staff, with all these unexpected injures. Looking towards the future, the only way I see another World Series Championship Banner in Rogers Centre is by starting a younger club. Remember, it has been proven by the Tampa Ba Rays that by having a new look as a team does change your chemistry as a team and change the standings. Rewind back to 2001 – 2005. The Rays were almost the worst in all of baseball, now competing agian for a World Series. 

Will J.P. Riccardi be GM of the Jays Next Year?

oct1408-beeston.jpgHey Jays Fans,

Recently I was listening to Prime Time Sports,
and I heard that Paul Beaston (In term President)  has found a new
President to replace him for the upcoming 2010 season. Its not known of
who this so called “New President” is however the staff and most certainly players might look
different next year.

With a new President, he might look for a new GM
for Toronto to have a new look. It has already been determined that
J.P. Riccardi and Cito Gaston’s contract expire the end of next season,
no telling if they will extend Cito’s contract, that we will just have
to wait and see.

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